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What are filters?

Filters are augmented reality photo experiences that combine an everyday photo with various effects. Filters can be a way for a business to promote a new product, showcase an event, and allow customers to interact with your brand in a unique way.

What I Do?

Created By Bri works with brands to create custom filters. That live on your brand's instagram page. 

Created By Bri Filter Process


Filters can announce a product, engage with customers and community, and bring brand awareness.  Check out the filters I currently have in my portfolio to get an idea of what your filter could look like.


Fill out my contact form with an idea of what kind of filter you are looking for or what the goal of your filter is. If you don't have an idea in mind, that's okay too! Any information about your brand is helpful and I can brainstorm what kind of filter would be a perfect fit for you!


After receiving your form, I’ll send you my pricing and estimated scope of work based on the information provided. I will also include any suggestions for your filter(s) in order to set next steps.


Once a concept is established I will begin to create your filter that will permanently live on your feed!

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